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Ohio County, KY offers several distinct advantages for companies locating in the area, including a low cost of doing business and low tax rates. Other advantages include available commercial property at affordable prices, access to convenient transportation assets, a skilled and ready workforce, and a location that offers access to the majority of the U.S. population within a day’s drive. Business owners looking to relocate also benefit from close proximity to automotive OEMs, and incentive programs such as the Opportunity Zone.

Available Properties in Ohio County, KY

Affordable commercial real estate properties are readily available for relocation. For ease of access, all properties are situated from Beaver Dam to Hartford along Highway 231/Main St. and just a 3 minute drive off main interstate 165/William H. Hatcher.

Opportunity Zone

Ohio County has Opportunity Zones ready for investment.  Investing in a business or real estate within an Opportunity Zone gives investors the opportunity to defer capital gains tax and to maximize their earnings. 

Bluegrass Crossing Business Center

Bluegrass Crossing Business Center Industrial Park was developed with manufacturers in mind and is one of Kentucky’s premier regional industrial parks. The industrial park offers a strong business climate with traditional and emerging industries with a motivated and skilled workforce. Businesses interested in expansion or relocation will find comradery in the existing companies within the park as well as assistance from the OCEDA.  

The Industrial Park is located at the intersection of two interstate highways with linkage to I-64, I-65 and I-24. A few major companies within the park include Ritatsu Manufacturing and Perdue Farms.

Quick Facts

  • Easy Access to Customers and Suppliers
  • AT&T Fiber Ready Designation
  • Certified Build Ready Site
  • 1000+ Acres Ready for Development


The population in Ohio County, KY is on a steady incline and the median workforce age is 40.7. Companies in Ohio County have access to a large workforce pool made up of six cities (Hartford, Beaver Dam, Centertown, Fordsville, Rockport and McHenry, and the unincorporated town of Rosine), which also extends beyond the county into other parts of Kentucky. In addition, there are many locals who are working outside of the state and wish to return home, creating an even larger talent pool.

Seven colleges and universities are within close proximity to the county’s border, and a highly educated and highly motivated existing and future workforce is found right within Ohio County.  In addition, easy access to 2 major highways allow for employees to have an easy commute to and from work inside the county’s border or beyond.


With 2 major highways intersecting the county, moving people and products throughout the county and the rest of the country is easy. For manufacturing and distribution companies, an Ohio County location cannot be beat. Even a company’s salesforce will appreciate how easy it is to travel to nearby metropolitan areas for meetings and presentations.

In addition to highway access, Ohio County, KY is a rail-served community and also has a regional airport with100LL self-serve fuel available 24/7.